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JV track team finishes 1st, freshmen finish 2nd

The freshmen and JV boys track team competed in the Magnolia West meet this week.The JV team finished 1st overall and the freshmen finished 2nd.

FRESHMEN :                                                                                         JV :
                                                         100 m Dash                                              
3rd - Isaiah Alfred                                                                          2nd - Jaylen Steele
                                                         200 m Dash                                                     
3rd - Isaiah Alfred                                                                          1st - Sedrick Burns
                                                                                                       4th - BJ Ross

                                                         400 m Dash                                                     
5th - Mark Taplette           
6th - Julio Diaz

                                                        1600 m Run
4th - Nathaniel Steels

                                                        3200 m Run
5th - Nathaniel Steels

                                                        110 m Hurdles
3rd - Justin Maass                                                                         1st - Bryan Ward
4th - Andrew Bailey

                                                        300 m Hurdles
1st - Andrew Bailey                                                                        2nd - Bryan Ward
4th - Trevor Schriver                                                                      3rd - Jahalil Brown
5th - Cade Sandel

                                                         4x100 m Relay
2nd Place - Isaiah Alfred, DeQuincy Floyd                        2nd - Jackson Wagner, Jaylen Steele
                   Ellis Eddington, Julio Diaz                                        Sedrick Burns, Jordan Driver

                                                        4x200 m Relay
3rd Place - Royce Gilreath, DeQuincy Floyd,                         2nd - Jahalil Brown, Jian Bergeron,
                  Andrew Bailey, Justin Maass                                   Kesean Jefferson, Jaylen Steele

                                                        4x400 m Relay
2nd Place - Justin Maass, Julio Diaz,                         
        1st - Jahalil Brown, Bryan Ward
                  Trevor Schriver, Andrew Bailey                                 Sedrick Burns, Jackson Wagner