Bryan ISD students are learning how to make things better through philanthropy in December. You are encouraged to help spread the word about the importance of philanthropy. 


Philanthropy is making an active effort to make things better for others. Learn More


More Reasons Why

Joshua Lawrence, Bonham Elementary in Bryan ISD third-grade student, recently heard about his favorite custodian "Mr. Robert" needing heart surgery & decided to step into action. He saved up all his money to buy pencils & erasers. Then, Joshua decided to sell them at his school's movie night & send the proceeds to Robert Ramirez. Joshua has continued to sell the pencils & erasers at his school this week & is now selling coffee to Bonham's teachers as well. Our prayers are with Mr. Robert, & our gratitude goes to students like Joshua, who exemplify the Essential 8 in helping their friends:

Caden Jones, Rayburn Intermediate School in Bryan ISD sixth-grader spent his birthday doing something very special. Instead of asking his class for presents on his special day, he decided to give all his classmates gifts – living out the Essential 8 characteristic of Philanthropy:

The Bryan High Band used their musical talents to serve the community members at  St. Joseph Manor Assisted Living:


Want to Get Involved? Email or call 979-209-1020 to learn how your organization can model the Essential Eight in our community.