College Visits

Junior and senior students are allowed 2 absences for college visits and 2 absences for career day visits per year. Appropriate procedures must be followed. A student must submit to the appropriate assistant principal 7 days prior to the visit a form requesting a college visit. 

In order for the student to be approved to go on a college visit, the student must meet the following criteria.

  • The student may not have any truancy charges for the current school year.

  • The student must be classified as a junior or senior based on credits.

  • The student has not already taken 2 college visits and/or 2 career day visits during the current school year.

  • The college visit may not be taken during the time of required state assessments.

The student must provide proof of the college visit to the assistant principal within 2 school days following the college visit. Acceptable documentation of the college visit shall be verification of the visit on college letterhead. Failure to provide this signed form and proof of the college visit will result in the absence being marked as unexcused. It is the student’s responsibility to make up assignments.

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