Life After High School

We know you are all dreaming of the day you are out of high school, but have you thought about what you will DO when you no longer have the school bell to count the hours of your day? A quality life includes a satisfying career. Different careers require various levels of training. This training can come from several places:

Community Colleges / Technical Colleges – These two-year schools can provide quality, lower-cost education. They award Associate degrees or certification for specific careers. Some students use 2-year colleges as a stepping-stone to a 4-year college.

Colleges / Universities – Many careers require a Bachelor’s degree (4 years). Some careers require further education, such as a Master’s degree or a Ph.D.

Military – each branch of the armed forces offers training and education in many fields. Additionally, ROTC programs may be affiliated with a 4-year college. In exchange for tuition and expenses, you agree to serve for a certain period of time after graduation.