The key resource for both scholarships and financial aid is the college (or university or technical school) you hope to attend.  Contact a college admissions counselor or financial aid counselor at your school(s) of interest for the most accurate, up-to-date information.

Here at BHS, if you have questions about scholarships or financial aid, contact Leah Faldyn, our scholarship coordinator, at 209-2598 or

While it is never too early to start exploring scholarship opportunities or financial aid options, keep in mind that the vast majority of scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors only.  All financial aid will be awarded based on need as determined by a FAFSA form filed in the spring of a student's senior year.


Scholarships are free money awarded to qualified students based usually on academic merit or some special skill.

Local Scholarships, as the name suggests, are scholarships provided by local businesses or organizations.  Seniors who will graduate in May 2024 will begin the local scholarship process December 2023.  All applications should be completed and submitted by February 26, 2024.  Packets will be available in the Go Center on the Blue Campus (room 5136) or in the Advise TX office on Silver (room 3231).  Announcements will be made regularly.  The application as well as additional documents required will be attached below as they become available.

CLICK HERE to view the local scholarship database!

*scholarship info may be subject to change until the actual process begins in December

Non-Local Scholarships come from a variety of places and people; they are available to seniors and to underclassmen.  Ms. Faldyn will have information about a wide range of non-local scholarships.

The following websites are also good sources of scholarships: (info on scholarships & financial aid) (one place for students to find and apply to scholarships online, absolutely free) (earn micro-scholarships as early as 9th grade and discover the path to the best college for you)


Opportunities for scholarships are also available to undocumented students. 

FinAid -- The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aide has a section to help answer questions undocumented students may have as they search for financial support for college.  Visit

Another resource is the Hispanic Scholarship Fund: